About Us

Why choose SciMaker ?

SciMaker Academy of Science with the commitment to navigate the students in India towards Engineering and Medical courses with quality of results. Team of Experience Teachers, Planned Teaching Methodology and Quality study material has been the milestones of SciMaker Academy of Science. We are passionate about providing knowledge to our students to make them think originally and help to develop the skills required to crack the entrance exams to knock the door of success.


More About SciMaker

SciMaker is one of the budding institutes which have got overwhelming response in the region due to its dedicated and systematic approach towards simple yet effective learning. This institute holds for the students a vision and enduring approach towards entrance examinations for medical & engineering courses. Whatever the challenges are basics in education like focus, hard-work, consistency, diligence, thinking ability, etc. remains undeterred.

We provide comprehensive & systematic guidance to students who aspire for excellence; also we take care of stress management & time management issues which are very prevalent in this sector. It is an organization committed to empowering students through high quality training .Innovative delivery mechanisms for lectures and usage of scientific tool remains our priority.

We have a keen desire to identify and unfold the potential which lies within students. The environment at SciMaker is very conductive for the students to enhance their concentration and understanding also we have stress free ambience.

We here by cherish the memories of our great past President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and remembering his inspiration……


  • To equip the students for future academic challenges.
  • To take care of academics and motivation needed for every student.
  • To impart value education to students this serves as the foundation for successful lives.
  • To impart the values of disciplined life in their minds.
  • Competitive Environment and preparation for competitive examination. Inculcating professionalism in all walks of life.


To most of distinguished students can not complete their higher education due to economy. To provide a quality education for such distinguished students we have projected a plan with the approach of SciMaker Academy of Science.


  • Providing Leadership and mentoring in the field of education.
  • Honesty towards Student, Parent and Society.
  • Contribution towards Building Quality Education resources for the Nation.