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Why Choose Scimaker?

SciMaker Academy of Science with holds the commitment to navigate the students in India towards Engineering and Medical courses with quality of results. Team of Experience Teachers, Planned Teaching Methodology and Quality study material has
been the milestones of SciMaker Academy of Science. We are passionate about providing knowledge to our students to make them think originally and help to develop the skills required to crack the entrance exams to knock the door of success.

We provide comprehensive & systematic guidance to students who aspire for excellence; also we take care of stress management & time management issues which are very prevalent in this sector. It is an organization committed to empowering students through high quality training .Innovative delivery mechanisms for lectures and
usage of scientific tool remains our priority.

What after X th :

We congratulate your child for completing their SSC with indomitable zeal. Now, the road ahead needs to be treating with a different mindset. The general pattern of education cannot lead you a specific professional course. For admission to Engineering or Medical courses one has to first choose & then go ahead.

Parents should identify the aptitude of the child & then only direct him /she to peruse the respective career .Ones you focus your mind for engineering the child needs to be systematically oriented to new study pattern.

After SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunities & Threats) analysis the child needs to be guided as per his qualities.

The Essence Of Engineering

The branch of science& Technology concerned with design building & use of engines, machines&structures. It is the application of scientific knowledge to solve the problems in the real world. Engineering is a versatile career & that spans so many areas of engineering career in 5- Disciplinnes.It is widely considered as one of the most Lucrative& in demand career choices.

  • Top Engineering Institute

It makes agreat difference after doing engineering from top Institute like IIT’s ,NIT’s but needs a strong determination along with performance in Entrance Exam. These top Institutes offer a huge difference in job opportunities & salaries as compared to other institute.

For Engineering Courses one has to Crack THE Entrance Exam like JEE(Mains) for NIT’s ,JEE(Mains+ Advance) for IIT’s, BITSAT for Bit’s Pillani, VIEEE for Vellore Institute.

The Essence Of Medical

It is one of the best reputed& respected professional fields in India &Abroad. Medicine is the science of healing ,the practice of Diagnosis, treatment & prevention of diseases and promotion of health.Along with ample of job opportunities a unique advantage of medical field is “SELF EMPLOYMENT”

  • Top Medical Institutes

AIIMS,AFMC(Autonomous), Government Medical Colleagees Private & colleages(NEET)

There are large number of institution such as AIIMS, AFMC, State government & othe reputed Private Medical colleges from where one can pursue medical degree. AIIMS & AFMC conduct their separate exams and Admission to all other institutes are based on NEET Score.
You have to equip yourself with new study pattern &aptitude as these examinations are not an easy task.You must have firm faith upon your tutors & practically apply all study techniques given by them. Along with regular & planned study you need to maintain your motivation level which is seen to be fluctuating in many students, in 2years study span.Focusing all your positive energy will definitely make you succeed.

Enlightenment @SciMaker

The most essential factor is persistence — the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come.” – James Whitcomb Riley